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Sedation Dentistry Mesa, AZ

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Mesa Sedation Therapy: Your Anxiety Free Dental Option

At Desert Family Dental, we want all of our patients to have access to quality restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Unfortunately for some, dental anxiety can make routine appointments stressful or impossible. For those patients whose fear and anxiety prevent them from getting the dental care they need, we offer sedation dentistry options.

Dr. Scott Lee wants your experience with us to be calm and productive. If the prospect of sitting in the dentist’s chair fills you with fear or apprehension, ask about our three forms of sedation, one of which may be right for you.

To learn more about our sedation options for dental anxiety, call our Mesa, AZ, dental office at (480) 485-7747 and schedule your consultation with Dr. Lee.

Dental Anxiety

Millions of Americans suffer from anxiety at the prospect of visiting the dentist. Perhaps they had a bad experience as a child, suffered unexpected sensitivity during a procedure, or endured negative comments from a prior dentist or staff member. Some people are simply uncomfortable having another person’s hands in their mouth.

Regardless of the cause, we believe all patients should have their teeth cared for by staff who are professional and compassionate to their needs. Sedatives offer patients a way to relax, are available in three forms, and can be adjusted based on your individual level of anxiety. Another benefit of dental sedation is that it enables the dentist to perform more work at once, sometimes eliminating the need for additional visits.

Our patients’ experiences with sedation have been very positive, and most report:

  • Little to no memory of the appointment.
  • No pain or discomfort.
  • Feeling as though the treatment lasted only a few minutes.
  • An ability to relax in the chair.

Nitrous Oxide Gas

Known also as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is our most conservative sedation option. As a safe and universally valued medication, nitrous oxide gas is inhaled through the nose and wears off quickly after treatment. Once the gas is given, you will feel calm, yet remain awake and aware of your surroundings. Our patients sometimes report a general feeling of lightness and rarely experience any side effects from this form of sedation. Nitrous oxide gas is an excellent option for patients who feel uncomfortable during teeth cleanings and dental procedures, and it effectively controls both pain and anxiety.

Oral Sedation

This option is ideal for patients whose fear and apprehension builds before the appointment even starts. Oral sedation is administered in pill form and dental treatments commence only after the medicine has taken effect, when the patient is comfortable and ready to begin. You will be conscious and aware of your surroundings, but will feel more relaxed than usual. Some patients even fall asleep during their procedures.  We recommend that patients receiving oral sedation do not drive themselves home after their appointment, as the medication may affect their ability to operate heavy machinery and wears off slowly, over a period of several hours.

IV Sedation

With this form of IV sedation, the medication is delivered intravenously, or through a vein. Although the patient remains conscious throughout, he or she may have very little recollection of the experience afterward. As our least conservative option, IV sedation is ideal for those who experience moderate to severe dental anxiety, and wish to avoid the experience as much as possible.

A Positive Experience

Dental anxiety can prevent you from the routine and restorative dentistry treatments needed to keep your teeth and gums healthy. With sedation dentistry, we hope to reach more patients who would avoid dental work, and provide the basis for comfortable and trusting relationships with your dentist and dental staff.

If you would like to take advantage of our sedation options to treat dental anxiety, call our Mesa, AZ, dental office at (480) 485-7747 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Lee.