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Mesa Porcelain Veneers

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What are porcelain veneers?

A porcelain veneer is a very thin shell of porcelain bonded directly to the front of your teeth to make changes and corrections. In most cases, it is necessary to remove a small layer of tooth enamel so your veneer does not look too bulky or thick. Once it has been placed with dental bonding, it will be virtually impossible to see where your natural tooth ends and the veneer begins.

The end result will be completely natural because the porcelain reflects light, has a similar translucency and texture as your tooth, and mimics tooth structure. Porcelain is a great restorative material that is highly resistant to staining. If they are taken care of properly, the veneers will not discolor, and they are actually stronger than your normal tooth enamel.

If you are interested in learning about getting dental veneers in Mesa, Arizona, please contact our dental office today. We are excited to help you with your smile! 

What are Porcelain Veneers ?

As mentioned above, veneers are a very thin layer of porcelain that are custom fabricated to fit your smile. They are hand fabricated by a dental lab and are made to be the exact color and shape of your desired teeth. They are then bonded to the front surface of your teeth providing you with a beautiful smile you can be proud of forever. If this is something you have been considering, our doctors have been specially trained to design you the perfect smile. Give us a call today.

Why Veneers?

Veneers offer a wonderful alternative to traditional crowns. They can be placed with minimal reduction to your tooth structure (for some people this is a very big concern) but still allow the dentist to give you the ideal shape and color of teeth that you have always dreamed about. Veneers can also be done very quickly when compared to braces or other orthodontic approaches. Veneers can be fabricated and permanently cemented in as little as two weeks. They can also help hide stains, cracks, chips, mis-shaped teeth and many other defects that you may not like about your current smile. 

How Much Do Porcelain Veneers Cost In Mesa?

Lets get this one out of the way because we know cost is always an issue. Veneers can range in price considerable depending on several factors including the condition of your current teeth. Generally speaking however, they are roughly similar in price to orthodontics (depending on how many teeth will need veneers) and definitely more expensive than dental bonding. For an exact quote please schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with our office at 480-485-7747.

What problems can veneers fix?

  • Stains – Many stains can be removed with traditional whitening.
  • Cracks – It is very common for our front teeth to develop cracks as we age giving them an undesirable appearance.
  • Worn teeth – Some of us are very hard on our teeth and over time can even wear them down until they are very short.
  • Uneven teeth – This is a very easy condition to treat with veneers.
  • Crooked teeth – Not all crooked teeth can be fixed with veneers, if you would like to know if yours can be veneered, please come see us, our doctors will be able to tell you very quickly if veneers are a good fit for you and your smile.

Is the Process painful?

Absolutely not.

Dr. Scott Lee and Dr. Gibbons have the advanced cosmetic training necessary to ensure your porcelain veneers look beautiful and fit comfortably in your smile. They have taken several post-graduate cosmetic dentistry courses to hone their talents, including a porcelain veneers course and the Dick Barnes Group for esthetic contouring.

Additionally, our practice is a contributing member of the Frank Spear Esthetic Study Club, which is a collaborative group of peers designed to improve dentists’ techniques and keep them abreast of the latest in cosmetic dentistry practices.

If you are looking for a smile that looks flawless and exudes confidence while at the same time looking completely natural, a beautiful smile makeover by our Mesa dentists may be right for you.

If you’re ready to take the next step, contact our Mesa Dental Office today, or call 480-485-7747.