Desert Family Dental Team Mission

Providing our patients with a pleasant, comfortable dental experience is our highest priority! Our dental staff is highly trained and skilled, and we strive to provide friendly, high quality service to each patient. Our team at Desert Family Dental looks forward to taking care of you and your smile.


We believe a happy smile starts with a team that creates an awesome patient experience. At Desert Family Dental we strive to create happiness for ourselves and our community through meaningful service, communication, compassion, and integrity.


We improve the health of a smile by giving the highest quality dental care through disease prevention, education, skilled practitioners, and modern technologies. At Desert Family Dental, we promote health by providing a safe and clean environment.


We believe in the power of a smile. We want everyone to be proud of their smile because we believe a smile can change the world. Our dentists in Mesa, Arizona, offer a wide range of services to help people create their most beautiful smile.

Our Values

Power of a Smile: Happiness and Fun

Compassion: Warmth, Empathy, and Caring

Sound Business Principles: Efficiency, Integrity, and Accountability

Education: Ongoing Training and Modern Technologies

Safety: Cleanliness


Excellence: Quality, Passionate Service, and Commitment

Meet Our Dentists

Scott R. Lee, DDS

Desert Family Dental Dentist

When you schedule an appointment with Dr. Scott Lee, you will feel like you are the only patient he is seeing all day. Dr. Lee takes the time to listen, thoroughly answer any questions you may have, and will explain the procedure before he even begins. If there is something you are unsure about or have a question during the procedure, he gladly stops working to address your concern. A current patient share, “Dr. Lee couldn’t have been nicer and just easy to talk to. There was zero pressure to have any further dental work done. He only made recommendations and detailed explanations of what we saw on the X-rays.”

Dr. Lee’s attitude is that you should never stop learning, and that is why he averages 40 hours of continuing education every year. He took part in post-graduate training with a well-know dental implant and sedation dentist, Dr. Chris Harris, and is a contributing member of the Frank Spear Study Club.

Continuing education includes:
  • CAMLOG dental implant training course
  • Invisalign® certification
  • Coursework on progressive orthodontics
  • Member of Frank Spear Esthetic Study Club
  • Dick Barnes Group for esthetic contouring

Dr. Lee is a native Arizonian, born in Pinetop and raised in Mesa. He is one of nine children and graduated from Westwood High School. After graduation he entered the Marine Corps boot camp and was trained as a petroleum supply specialist for the local reserve unit. He then served a mission in Hawaii. Upon return from his mission he worked as an EFY counselor, where he met his beautiful wife, Melanie, who was also a counselor.

In 2002, he was activated as an infantry reserve for Operation Enduring Freedom, where he spent a year on an anti-terrorist task force. After that assignment, he was activated again for Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he was part of the initial push into Iraq. In April 2003, he was wounded in Baghdad and later received a Purple Heart.

Dr. Scott Lee graduated cum laude with his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from The Ohio State University in 2008. Before attending dental school, he graduated cum laude from Weber State University, where he majored in microbiology and minored in chemistry. Dr. Scott Lee is now a dentist here in the Valley and is the proud father of three wonderful children.

Cursive Dr. Lee

Dr. Gibbons

Desert Family Dental Dentist

Dr. Gibbons is from the San Francisco Bay Area, where she attended University of the Pacific’s 6-year accelerated bachelor’s/DDS program. One of the things that attracted her most to dentistry is the ability to help people on a daily basis. Growing up in the San Francisco area, she saw the huge need that exists in communities. Helping to meet that need whenever possible has always been a passion of hers. She has volunteered in various ways including youth mentoring and tutoring in the community, volunteering at Oakland Children’s hospital, church mission trips, St. Mary’s free dental clinic in Stockton CA, and she is a member of Alphi Phi Omega national service fraternity.

Dr. Gibbons graduated dental school in 2007 and decided to relocate to Arizona for the warmer weather. She enjoys fitness, hiking, tennis, movies and traveling.

Cooking, baking, gardening, and my dogs make me happy.

Trying to live a balanced life and keeping everything in moderation.

Being yourself, imperfections and all.

Cursive Dr. Gibbons

Dr. Kerle

Desert Family Dental Dentist

Dr. Arthur Kerle, or as he prefers to be called, Dr. K, is a Michigander.  He decided he wanted to be a dentist at the age of 10, thanks to the influence of his 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Goodrich and his dentist, Dr. McDowell.  Dr. Kerle grew up near Ann Arbor and received his BA from Hope College and then went to the University of Michigan for a Master’s of Science focusing on histology, embryology and organogenesis.  He graduated from the Michigan School of Dentistry in 1984.

He practiced in Northern Michigan for 23 years and then took a brief departure from dentistry and taught anatomy, physiology, histology, human pathology, comparative anatomy and forensics at the university level.

A mission trip to Bolivia helped him realize that his heart really was in dentistry.  He has been blessed to be able to continue his passion of helping patients.  He is a strong advocate of patient choice — and enjoys working with his staff to give the patient the best treatment suited to their needs.  

Dr. Kerle followed his son and his family to Gilbert and is fortunate to be able to be Grandpapa and babysitter for three grandchildren, three dogs and 35 chickens.  He’s loving Arizona, the people, the food and the wonderful mornings!

Cooking, baking, gardening, and my dogs make me happy.

Trying to live a balanced life and keeping everything in moderation.

Being yourself, imperfections and all.

Meet Our Team

Our entire team at Desert Family Dental is devoted to helping you achieve a smile that is happy, healthy, and beautiful.


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