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Do you freak out about your six-month dental appointment for weeks before the date arrives?

Is there literally nothing you hate more than suffering through a dental appointment?

Do you feel ashamed of the state of your oral health?

Has your avoidance of the dentist gotten ridiculous?

If you understand these sentiments, you might be a good candidate for dental sedation. At Desert Family Dental, we know some people have a harder time going to the dentist than others. That’s why we offer three levels of dental sedation to help our patients be able to relax and get the oral care they need. Many of our patients have been able to put their fears, worries, and physical discomfort behind them with compassionate use of sedation dentistry.

What is a Sedation Dentist?

Dentists who practice sedation dentistry are trained to use a variety medicines that can make patients more relaxed during their treatments. Sedation comes at varying levels, ranging from mild states of relaxation to moderate levels of unconsciousness. While we do not induce general anesthesia, we can use IV sedation to induce what’s often referred to as “twilight sleep.” Patients often wake up after their appointments with no memory of the event and no traumatic incidents to trigger anxiety.

Depending on a patient’s individual needs and preferences, Desert Family Dental can provide nitrous oxide gas, oral sedation, or IV sedation. When you meet with Dr. Scott Lee and our staff, we will explain the benefits of each form of sedation, so you can look forward to dental care without all the hassles that have caused you problems in the past.

If dental visits have always been challenging for you, imagine how it would be to feel so relaxed during your next appointment that you slept through it naturally. Imagine waking up to say “is it over already?” That is the difference that sedation dentistry makes!

Dental Anxiety is Real

It’s estimated that a third of all Americans do not get the regular dental care they need, and anxiety may play a role in these figures. Perhaps it has something to do with the way that patient care has evolved in recent decades. Many dentists of yesteryear were not as patient-centered as they are today. While the days of “this won’t hurt a bit…” (but it did hurt!) may be long gone, the memories of painful appointments still linger.

Very few people actually enjoy having dental work done, but most of us persevere because we know that routine care will keep our teeth and gums in a good state of health. If your bad memories, anxiousness, or fear of pain (or needles) has stopped you from getting regular preventive care, we would love to help you get back on track and achieve the best oral health of your life!

Anxiety is Not the Only Reason to Consider Dental Sedation

Some patients are perfectly comfortable with the idea of going to the dentist, but have other challenges that make routine appointments difficult. In these cases, some patients find that mild sedation (use of nitrous oxide gas or oral sedation) can make dental appointments more tolerable.

  • Aversion to the bright lights, sounds, and smells of the dentist’s office
  • Discomfort or boredom from sitting still for long appointments
  • Hyper-sensitive gag reflex
  • Special needs that make communication difficult
  • Physical tremors or medical conditions that cause discomfort
  • Difficulty getting numb from injections

Contact Desert Family Dental to Learn More

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