Sedation Can Eliminate Fear Of Going To The Dentist

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Sedation Dentistry

For some patients seeing a dentist brings on a certain level of fear, for others sitting in a dental chair for a long procedure may be difficult, and still for others a strong gag reflex or a small mouth may make their dental experience less than ideal.  The best treatment for all of these types of patients may be sedation dentistry.  

We at Desert Family Dental of Mesa want your appointments to be the best dental experience you can have.  Our practitioners are all patient, kind, and gentle in their approach to people and procedures, but for those who may need additional help we offer various levels of sedation.  These include nitrous oxide (laughing gas), simply calming medications, and IV sedation (sleep dentistry).

Nitrous Oxide

One of the first sedatives used in dentistry was nitrous oxide or laughing gas.  It is an inexpensive way to calm us down and make our dental experience more pleasant.  We simply use a nose piece that allows us to breath the gas and within a few minutes we can feel the calming effect of the gas.  

When the procedure is finished we switch to normal oxygen and the effects of the gas wear off quickly allowing us to drive home and do the normal things we need to do.  For many patients the laughing gas is enough to calm their dental anxiety and allow for a comfortable appointment.

The Use of Anti-Anxiety Medications

For our patients that need a little more than just the gas to make it through a dental appointment we can prescribe and anti-anxiety or calming medication.  These medications are given in a low dose and generally are taken 1 hour prior to the dental appointment.  

You are awake for the procedure, but are somewhat calm and relaxed allowing for a better experience.  These drugs cause a little impairment and patients will need a driver for their appointment.

For some patients the fear or discomfort of the dental appointment is enough to where they require IV or conscious sedation.  This is what is generally referred to as sleep dentistry.  For these appointments an IV is placed allowing the dentist to give the sedation drugs right into the blood stream.  Sedation is achieved very quickly as a result.  

Most patients are so relaxed during this type of sedation that they will fall asleep but can easily be aroused if the dentist need to give instruction or direction during the procedure.  The drugs are very safe and the patients are monitored during the procedure.  Not only are you very relaxed during e procedure but the medication used causes amnesia so you don’t even remember the experience at all.  

Patients receiving this type of sedation will need a driver and will have to take the day off to allow the effects of the sedation to fully wear off.  For many patients this is the best way to have dental work done.  Go to sleep, wake up, and be finished!

No matter your fear level or anxiety we will do our very best to make your experience a great one.  Come visit with our dentists today and find out which type do sedation is right for you

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